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Learn more about our programs and resources.

ELYSARC's mission is to facilitate the physical, emotional, and mental well-being of LGBTQ+ youth and adults in Greater Boston by taking a dynamic approach to meet the diverse and ever-evolving needs of our communities. This means that we understand all of the different factors that affect the well-being of LGBTQ+ folks, so we do all that we can to support our folks no matter what they need—even if we don't have a resource or service readily available at our center!


To help us accomplish this, we're meeting youth and their families, educators, and leaders where they're at through professional development training, needs assessment surveys, and in-school intervention. If your institution or organization is interested in more information, please email

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Everett LGBTQ+ Youth Space and Resource Center (ELYSARC) was founded in June 2021 by Kay Mangan and Dom Washington. Kay, a lifelong Everett resident, was determined to change the experience of LGBTQ+ folks in the city they grew up in. In the 7 years that they graduated from Everett High School, so little had changed for queer youth in the city and there continued to be a lack of accessible resources for those without a means of transportation. Residents on the outskirts of Greater Boston, including the cities of Everett, Malden, Medford, Chelsea, Revere, and Saugus had never before had an LGBTQ+ resource center located so close. Together with Dom, they petitioned the city and received a free space with access to furniture and computers! ELYSARC has since evolved from just a physical space to an instrument for change. We have listened to the needs of our community and continue to use their insight to inform our programs. If you're interested in learning more about our story and what we do, give us a call!

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What we offer:

  • sexual health resources (contraception, STI information, & links to STI testing)

  • links to behavioral health specialists

  • information on trans-affirming healthcare

  • food and snacks 

  • help researching and applying for college or jobs

  • homework help

  • internship and job opportunities

  • community engagement and volunteer opportunities

  • links to legal and medical advocates

  • gender-affirming items (bras, chest binders, binding tape, makeup, wigs, and more)

  • computers, games, musical instruments, art supplies, and television

  • clothes and shoes (wide selection of sizes for different occasions and seasons; and scrubs and other work/profession clothing items)

  • napping and sensory area

  • workshops (professional development from our staff and various topics delivered by staff and outside organizations)

  • name change help

and more! Just ask and we'll see how we can help.

Statement of transparency:

ELYSARC's ability to acquire a physical space and gain support from the city of Everett is a direct result of the privileges we hold. We aim to use this privilege to give those most marginalized a direct line of communication with politicians, teachers, organizations, and other leaders with the power to deliver the changes they need. 

We know that at this time our team is comprised of folks who benefit from colorism and white privilege, and we are working to change that. Our team is raising funds for new positions, at which time we will be looking for folks who are better equipped to lead our team.

In the meantime, we are always open to criticism on the ways that we can better advocate for Black and Indigenous folks and other People of Color, and folks with other marginalized experiences and identities. If you have a suggestion or critique about how we can better prioritize the needs of those most marginalized, please fill out this form.


Here at ELYSARC, we recognize that it takes more than just saying we care about folks who are most marginalization. We must proactively look for ways to protect and uplift our most vulnerable populations through programs that are designed by and for them. So how do we reflect that commitment in our work?

  1. Access: 

    • ​Transportation: If you need a ride to our center, work, school, a medical or mental health appointment, an organization we have linked you to, or are experiencing an emergency and need immediate transportation, call us

    • Meeting folks where they're at: ELYSARC is always looking for ways to bring resources directly to our youth, adults, and their families. We are open to developing partnerships and providing gender-affirming resources and information to schools, businesses, and other organizations. If you would like to learn more, please email us. If you are a parent looking for more information, email us here.

  2. Basic needs: 

    • We have lots of resources available at our center, including clothes, shoes, food and snacks, menstrual products​, and hygiene products (shampoo, soap, etc.). If we don't have what you need, let us know in person or via email and we can provide it for you.

  3. Job Opportunities:

    • If you need money, we can always use help. If you have a skill or are interested in any opportunities we may have at the center, please email us or check out our resources page, where we will post specific job opportunities within and outside of our center.

  4. Education: 

    • Our staff is currently developing various workshops for schools and businesses. These workshops will cover various topics related to LGBTQ+ competency for students and administration. Check back with our resources page in the next few months to preview our new workshops.

    • We also conduct needs assessments to develop workshops based on the specific needs of your students and staff. If you are interested in partnering, please refer to the "Access" section above.

  5. Mutual aid:

    • Gender-affirming items​: We provide various gender-affirming items for FREE and will ship your selected items directly to your address. Unfortunately, at this time, we can ONLY provide items to residents of Massachusetts. Please read and fill out this form to get your free items. 

    • ELYSARC is working towards starting a mutual aid fund to better address the ongoing needs of our communities. In the meantime, check out our resources page to find existing mutual aid resources.



"I'm an activist and artist from Lynn, MA with a Bachelors in Comparative Women's Studies from Spelman College—shout out to my HBCUs! I started community organizing while in college and have since dedicated my life to supporting the needs of those most marginalized. I truly love my community and I'm grateful to be able to make a difference."

Dom Washington

Co-Founder & Executive Director


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Kay Mangan

Co-Founder & Executive Director


"I am an activist from Everett, MA with a bachelor's from UMASS Amherst and a master's from Northeastern University. Being born and raised in Everett and a former Everett high school student, I am passionate about providing access to safety, resources, and meeting the material needs of the LGBTQ+ community here—particularly those who are racialized, disabled, and/or undocumented. I want to transform the community and school environments so that queer people here can thrive and experience everyday joys while being their authentic selves."


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Kelsi Lacerda


"I grew up in Everett and in the middle of a large population of BIPOC and LGBTQ kids. And I have always had a passion for helping people especially in communities I feel a part of. Seeing how much improvement Everett could use in its support and resources for its biggest populations, I was extremely excited when I learned about ELYSARC. My interest peaked in becoming a part of the team and helping spark some needed change in how Everett makes room for LGBTQ and BIPOC populations."


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