About Us

Everett LGBTQ+ Youth Space and Resource Center (ELYSARC) is a new space created to serve the LGTBQ+ residents of Everett and its surrounding communities. ELYSARC will serve as a physical and virtual space to provide resources of all kinds, including:


  • sexual health

  • food justice

  • college prep

  • homework assistance 

  • internship opportunities

  • community engagement opportunities

  • legal and medical advocacy

  • and more!

LGBTQ+ community members are welcome to use our computers, books, donations (i.e. clothes, shoes, menstrual products, etc.), food, or just hang out with our staff!

We envision ELYSARC as a dynamic space to meet the ever-evolving needs of our communities. We deeply value instilling autonomy and agency into our programming so please fill out our needs assessment or email us at info@elysarc.com for more ways to get involved.

ELYSARC centers those most marginalized, including Black, and Indigenous folks and people of color and folks that are undocumented, experiencing homelessness, neurodivergent, disabled, trans, and experience  fatphobia. ALL ARE WELCOME.


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